“Implementing Learning Analytics in Norway”


By Professor Barbara Wasson, Director, Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology, Norway


Research in the field of Learning Analytics and Knowledge has thrived over the past 12 years, yet its impact on education remains limited. Why is it so hard to implement learning analytics in education? This talk shares the efforts made by the Norwegian Ministry of Education’s expert commission to address the technological, pedagogical, ethical, and legal aspects of the use of learning analytics and adaptive systems in the Norwegian educational sector. The commission’s findings include four dilemmas associated with the use of these systems, as well as recommendations for the government regarding the use of pupil and student data for learning analytics and adaptive learning systems. Drawing upon my own research projects and my personal experience as part of the commission, this talk provides valuable insights into the complex challenges surrounding learning analytics implementation in education.


Professor Dr. Barbara Wasson is Director of the Centre for The Science of Learning and Technology (SLATE), the Norwegian national centre for learning analytics. She was one of the founders of Kaleidoscope, a European Network of Excellence on Technology Enhanced Learning. Wasson is/has been PI for numerous national and international projects, including the Erasmus+ project DALI: Data Literacy for Citizens. Currently she is a member of the Norwegian Ministry of Education’s Expert group on Learning Analytics, the Council of Europe Expert Group on AI in Education, and Norway’s representative to the European School Net’s Data Interest Group. Her research interests include learning analytics, AI and education, learning games, e-assessment, teacher inquiry, and data literacy.